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Welcome to the Deep South Cobra Club


2017 Randy's Spring Cruise April 27-30

Updated 4/18/17

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are getting as excited as I am, the spring cruise kicks off in just over a week!

First, please respond to this email so that I have a good idea who is coming.  If you are getting this email it is because you have either expressed an interest in this cruise, or have attended one of the previous spring tours, and we want to entice you to come back.

For those that want a little bonus cruising, join me in Tallahassee next Thursday at 12:30 pm at Grub Burger Bar, 3425 Thomasville Road. (This is just north of I-10)  We will have a casual lunch and then drive in a group to Pensacola.  Remember, we gain an hour heading west, so we will have plenty of time to do a mix of interstate and back roads, and should arrive at the hotel before 5.  Let me know if you plan to join me for the drive west, so that I don’t leave you.

For the rest of you, with your trailer queens, there will be a meet and greet in the hotel lobby between 5 and 7pm.  We will depart the hotel at 7 for dinner.  The hotel address is 487 Creighton Road, Pensacola.

The detailed cruise routes will be passed out each morning.  But, if you just can’t stand an adventure, and must know where we are going ahead of time, let me know and I will send you the route instructions (when I am done with them😊)

A few tips:

Have some cash on you, at least one of the places we are visiting is cash only.

Carry a clipboard with a rubber band to keep your trip notes from flying in the breeze.

Bring along some bottled water, a couple of our stops will involve some walking.

Don’t forget your sunblock!

And don’t forget to pay attention to the route instructions and places we see, there will be a contest Saturday night!


Y’all drive safe.


Ricky Harper


There are 30 Cobras planning to attend the 2017 Randy's Spring Tour De La Cobra! Tentative itinerary, (times subject to change): Thursday, April 27: Meet and greet in the hotel lobby from 4-7pm. We will have reservations at a local eatery at 7:30.
Friday, April 28: Tour of Pensacola and surrounding area, departing hotel parking lot at 9am.
Saturday, April 29:Tour of Mobile and surrounding area, departing hotel parking lot at 9am. There will be a celebratory "cruise banquet" Saturday evening.
Sunday, April 30:Departure breakfast at local eatery, and then say goodbye! We are staying at the Springhill Suites, Pensacola. 487 Creighton Rd; we have a block of rooms with a guaranteed rate, each attendee needs to click on the link below and register on-line. Click on the dates to input your check in and out, and then click 'Check Availability'. (I just did mine, it was easy and fast) The link is embedded with our guaranteed rate of $125 a night and is good from the 26th through the 30th, so if you want to get in town a day early you can enjoy the same rate. Please book or confirm your room no later than April 5th. The hotel has a large field next to it to accommodate trailers, and they are going to set up a 'Cobra only' parking area for us. Group Corporate Travel Booking Page    

 A few notes:

1. We will do a tour on Friday and Saturday. Both days will require some walking, so wear comfortable shoes, and you might want to carry some water with you.
2. Bring a clipboard for your route notes, and note taking. A rubber band will keep the pages from flopping in the breeze.
3. I plan the routes so there is no more than 100 miles between fill up and bathroom stops, so you should be able to keep the car full and your bladder empty.
4. Unless the weather is really bad, the trip is on. Don't let forecasts for 'some rain' bother you. That is the standard forecast for the gulf coast almost every day.
5. Hopefully late April will not be hot, regardless, a small umbrella in the cockpit is a God-send if we get stuck in traffic. Can be handy at other times too
6. With 30 cars, we will get separated. The trip instructions will have all the information you need to catch or even shortcut the group and join it at the next stop.
7. DSCC asks that everyone on the trip be members, it is only $25 to join the club, and they do not load your inbox with lots of junk.
8. We welcome people to join the group that are not driving a Cobra, and only ask that they 'take up the rear' so as not to break up the parade.


We hope to hear from you, and hope you will join this great cruise!


Ricky Harper


850 510 5771

Tallahassee Florida



The club is open to all Cobra enthusiasts and Cobra owners. Dues are $25 per calendar year which includes member listing, use of the forum, receipt of the newsletter, discounted event purchases and entry to the annual Reptile Roundup.

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The Deep South Cobra Club started out in 2001 representing eight southern states and the first annual gathering was held in McDonough, Georgia at Southern Automotive.


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