The Deep South Cobra Club Annual Run to Cody's

by Dan Wulff

On Sunday January 25th when I went outside & I found we were in the low forties I knew instantly it had to be the day for our annual Cobra run, cold weather.  I have possibly the most loved by all the ladies at least, a cobra replicated replica with a top and a heater.  Of course the men chastise me for also having a car that looks less like a real cobra roadster than any of the other replicas.  I bought & had my Solbra built (a Pontiac Solstice) for my lady & me because we neither like driving in a convertible with the top down when you are in the low forties.  We did drive home with the top down as the temperatures did get into the sixties by the time we departed the restaurant. 

We had three groups that departed from three Florida locations all trying to make it to Cody's restaurant in Sebring when they open on Sundays at 11:30am.  I had my group meet at Muscle Car City & again I messed up as it was their last Sunday of the month gathering of their monthly Flea Market & there was absolutely no place to park, even temporarily, & again I apologize.  Mike Cheek normally handles this annual meeting of the DSCC but even though he was still on for the run & was ready to lead his group from Bartow, he asked if I would handle the event, which I did.  I want to thank everyone for their responses to my emails as I needed an accrete head count for Cody's.  When we arrived at Cody's they had two tables set up for our group with 18 chairs at each, I had made reservations for 36 people.  With some cancelations, & people who never informed me of coming it all worked out great as we filled all 36 reserved seats.  We went to the Nav-A-Gator for three years & this was our second year at Cody's, the difference in handling our crowd, & taking our drink & food orders, well let me say by 1:00pm we were being handed our bills at Cody's.  The service was unbelievable.  The Nav-A-Gator did have outside entertainment & some of our group enjoyed that part.  For entertainment after lunch at Cody's a lot of our group went to the Sebring Race Track to watch Chin Motorsports run the track.  We had guys who came but to please their ladies they brought their everyday driver & left the cobras home in the garage.  I'm really glad they did as the comradery of meeting with our group is really the best part that I look forward too.  I took a few pictures outside but left my camera in my car when I went inside to eat, & eat we did, the wife & I both ordered the half rack of baby back ribs & this is the only place I know where the half rack has as much meat on the bones as others have with a full rack of ribs.  When I saw the waiter bringing out a huge fish bowl size sundae, I followed him to the couple who had ordered such a monster sundae especially with only two spoons.  It was Mike Smith & his friend Cathy, & Cathy did offer me a bite.  Mike came in his Mustang & not his Backdraft cobra.  I rushed over to my inside camera man Santiago Fonseca to take the picture of Mike & Cathy eating away at that huge sundae.  Santiago was the third group who drove in from the Tampa area, & he & his wife Debbie came in his new Backdraft cobra & not his BMW as I think he had his recurring problems finely solved with his Ford Coyote motor in his cobra.  We had Tom Wells & Mike Iodice both Everett Morrison cobra owners drive down in Tom's Big Block powered station wagon.  I think everyone had a great time visiting with friends.

Article by Dan Wulff

Cody's pic link Photos by Dan Wulff


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