Past Events of the DSCC

Randy’s Tour De La Cobra

By Dan Wulff

This is the fourth year starting on September 19-21 2013, of the 24-hour cobra runs out of Jacksonville, Florida. Randy Dender and his Deep South Cobra Club member and best friend Ricky Harper started this run four years ago and it became very popular with cobra owners from the Northern end of Florida and states above. One week before the start of the 3rd event Randy was tragically killed while driving his cobra, so in loving Memory of Randy Evan Dender 1956-2012, age 56, who passed away Saturday, March 24, 2012 in Tallahassee. Now this 24 hour event will be called (Randy’s Tour De La Cobra).

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Randy's Tour De La Cobra! April 24-27, 2014

Life is a Highway

Ricky Tillman Harper

So you built your life’s dream -- big engine, great wheels, God’s own soundtrack. You spent countless hours planning every detail; you tossed in bed at night wondering if the dream would ever come true. Then it did. Perhaps you built it yourself; turning the wrench on every bolt and popping every rivet, or maybe you just wrote a check. Regardless, your pride and joy is sitting in your garage right now. Its skin gleams, the instruments are elegant jewels, the lines are graceful and that gorgeous Moto-Lita steering wheel looks like glass and is liquid-smooth to the touch. Life is grand when our dreams come true.

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The Deep South Cobra Club Annual Run to Cody's

by Dan Wulff

On Sunday January 25th when I went outside & I found we were in the low forties I knew instantly it had to be the day for our annual Cobra run, cold weather.  I have possibly the most loved by all the ladies at least, a cobra replicated replica with a top and a heater.  Of course the men chastise me for also having a car that looks less like a real cobra roadster than any of the other replicas.  I bought & had my Solbra built (a Pontiac Solstice) for my lady & me because we neither like driving in a convertible with the top down when you are in the low forties.  We did drive home with the top down as the temperatures did get into the sixties by the time we departed the restaurant. 

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